Open Learning Environments

We pride ourselves on our open learning spaces. The 21st century invites individuals to think creatively and collaboratively. At St. John's Dennington, we encourage students to move around the learning spaces, beyond the classroom. Our classrooms all have bi-fold doors, allowing multiple classrooms to come together and learn. 


At St. John's Dennington we foster independence in our flexible learning environments, through communal learning spaces with multiple teachers enhancing student learning. It provides the child with freedom to do their tasks where they prefer and work individually or collaboratively, therefore building independent learning behaviours that provide an opportunity for them to reflect on themselves as learners.

Collaborative Learning and Teaching

Each child is part of a homeroom with one homeroom teacher, and throughout the day children may move between multiple classrooms for different subjects. Often children will learn with different teachers, in small groups with work catered to their individual needs. Having multiple staff members within a learning area provides more opportunities for one-on-one teacher time.